Clothing Challenge

To start off The Perfect Housewife with a bang, I am proposing a Clothing Challenge.  This is something we’ll be doing every once in a while to get you dressed for success- whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, student or business woman.  The challenges could be easy…  this one is not.  You are not going to like it, but I guarantee everyone around you will.  Are you ready?  Then read on.

First, I want you to go through your dresser drawers and pull out every single pair of “sweat” anything that you own- sweatshirts, sweatpants, sweat shorts, whatever.  Now I want you to throw them away.

Catch your breath!  Let me tell you my reasoning for this first.  It’s two-fold, really.  First of all, sweatpants are UGLY.  I’m sorry, they are.  They do nothing for the figure and make even a hot celebrity look like a slob.

G and M  

Second, there is no appropriate time to wear sweatpants.  If you wear them to bed, wear pajamas instead.  If you where them to workout in, buy some running shorts or a pair of yoga pants.  Old Navy makes super comfortable Fold-over Yoga Pants for less than $20.  The reality is, you should not be lounging around the house in sweatpants all day.  I understand you want to be comfortable, but you can be comfortable and not look like hobo in actual clothes.  I guarantee that you will feel better about yourself if you are dressed nicely than if you’re wearing a holey pair of sweatpants and the stained sweatshirt from your freshman year at college.  Added plus, it’s easier to just get up and go if you’re already dressed (please, please don’t tell me you’re okay with leaving the house wearing sweatpants).  As an added plus, your significant others will notice that you look 8000% better and may even hand out one of those elusive man compliments we’re always looking for.


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