Clipping Coupons- it’s not just for grandma anymore

Growing up, I never saw my mom clip coupons. As far as I know, none of my friends’ parents clipped coupons either. I rarely saw anyone using them at the grocery store, but when I did it was always that crazy lady who had a coupon (or two!) for every single item on the belt and then paid with a jar of pennies.

But with the economy taking a nose-dive and more and more people looking for ways to scrimp and save, couponing has become way more mainstream- and why not?! It’s FREE MONEY! I think $.75 is more than enough for the time it takes me to make four little cuts, about 20 seconds. The average coupon is worth $1.50. If you clip coupons non-stop for an hour you could save yourself $270. I think most people wouldn’t balk at making $270 an hour. Granted, most of us aren’t going to be clipping that many coupons, but that’s not the point! Even ten minutes of clipping could save you around $45. Some coupon-savvy women are getting hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for $60, $20 or even FREE. And between you and me, I’ve heard of people buying items that were on sale PLUS they had coupons and they walked out with money back. That’s right. They MADE money.

Couponing has also hit the tech age. No longer do you need to pick up the store flyer a few days in advance to give you time to look over sales prices and clip coupons before you shop. Now you can just get online and browse from home! You can even print manufacturer’s coupons right on your home printer. Here are my favorites and I hit them every few days so I can catch any new ones that pop up. A lot of them offer the same coupons, but sometimes there are one or two that differ site to site.
Coupon Bug
Cool Savings

For information about couponing and for links to coupons and local sales at stores across the country, check out A Full Cup.

Happy clipping!

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