5 chore, 5 minutes, 5 days you WON’T be sick!

Yes, it’s another chore list. But this one is really easy! It should only take about 5 minutes to finish and it’ll save you a lot of misery later. How? These 5 chores could help you to NOT get sick.

First we’re going to clean our toothbrushes! You can do this a few ways. The quickest way is to put about an inch of mouthwash (with alcohol) into a cup and put in your brush, bristles down. Swish it around and voila! Germ-free toothbrush! If you want it really clean, run it through your dishwasher, top shelf only so it doesn’t melt. By the way, my dental hygienist recommends keeping your toothbrush upright when you’re not using it. When you lay it flat the water and germs collect in between the bristles. Nasty!

Next we’re going to grab a bottle of Clorox Anywhere.
This stuff is awesome. It kills 99.9% of bacteria on hard surfaces. Now you’re going to go and spray every doorknob in your house. This may seem like a lot, but it seriously takes less than a second per knob. Not that big of a deal.

Keep out the Clorox! We’re not done yet. Go spray down your telephone. If it’s really nasty, take an old toothbrush to it. Do the handheld, the base, the cord (do they still make phones with cords?), everything.

Now on to the remotes. If you’re anything like me, you have a few. Lay them out on a table and spray them with the Clorox. Flip and repeat. Leave them to dry.

Last but not least, the keyboard and mouse. Just spray to coat, don’t soak it. I don’t want to receive any emails about how you drenched your electronics and now they don’t work.

And that’s it! Five chores, five minutes and 5 days you won’t spend in bed miserable with the flu. You’re welcome.


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