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Busy, busy, busy

It’s been pretty insane around the Perfect Household lately. The Perfect Husband is in the military and got to go play GI Joe in the snow for two weeks. This gave me a perfect opportunity to get the house completely spotless. It’s funny- he swears up and down that any messes must be because I didn’t do something, but the house managed to stay clean the entire 14 days he was gone and was back to being “lived in” within hours of him being home and hasn’t been the same since. As much as I dislike our separations, I do enjoy my home being so nice and tidy.

Monkey Boy, our crazy 2 year old, jumped off the couch and broke his foot. A few hours at the hospital and a teeny tiny cast later, he was hobbling around like a pro. This did provide a few extra challenges, however. It was still snowy and cold, but try as I might I could not get a boot on over that cast. Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows that keeping children indoors all winter is not an option. I found that pulling a large fleece sock over it and wrapping the cast in plastic then tucking it into his snow pants worked well, although he ended up tripping and falling into a snow drift bigger than himself. Luckily the cast was a short stay and our Monkey Boy is back to 100%. He did not learn his lesson, however, and is back to jumping on the couch every chance he gets.

After months of discussions, my GI Joe and I finally decided to try for Perfect Child #3- only to get a positive pregnancy test two days later. Good timing. But now I’ll be juggling my two energetic toddlers, keeping up with life AND being the size of a small orca whale. Not to mention the logistics- we have a three bedroom house and the kids’ bedrooms really aren’t big enough for two beds. One of them will be sharing a room, but how? And we just sold our car, a little wagon with third row seating, for a new truck. Granted, it has a full size cab, but three carseats in the back? Not sure how this will work. I have some major purging to do before this baby comes or we’ll be drowned in toys and laundry. LAUNDRY! I really have to sit down and figure out a new system. Right now we have two baskets (one for the princess, one for the monkey boy) sitting in front of the closet doors that house the washer and dryer. It’s worked for a year, but will definitely NOT work with an extra basket for New Baby. What to do…?

On a sad note, our friend Erin lost her mother Wednesday to her battle with ovarian cancer. It’s been a long, sad journey but we’re glad that she’s no longer suffering. Spare a thought for her and the family. She’ll be back to write for us soon, offering her thoughts on coping with loss and losing a loved one.