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Apple donuts

It always amazes me when something so simple, like cutting food into shapes, can get my kids to eat food without fussing. Not that my kids don’t like apples, but ever since my husband came up with “apple donuts,” the fruit has been requested daily. It’s really easy and I’m wondering if I can apply it to other fruits and vegetables as well. I think it would work on pears and watermelon and, if you baked them, perhaps sweet potatoes. All you do is run your apple through a mandoline (or thinly slice one up by hand) so you have a stack of slices. I improved on the recipe a tad by using a miniature cookie cutter in the shape of an apple, but my husband used a bottle cap to make his holes. Voila! Apple donuts. I think the key here is to actually call them “apple donuts.” My kids have never actually had a donut, but they know donuts are a treat so the whole idea was a novelty. The kids can even help punch out the donut holes.

A miniature cookie cutter gets out all the seeds while making fun shapes. The pieces that don’t have seeds are fun to eat too!a miniature cookie cutter can make fun shapes

The finished product! A stack of delicious apple donuts. If you’re really adventageous (or if your kids are really picky!), peel the apples prior to slicing.
the finished product


Procrasti- ooh, something shiny!

Ah, spring cleaning. The time of year when, after months of being cooped up due to bad weather and family gatherings, our bodies start to crave a good domestic purge. Some people love throwing stuff out and do it on a daily basis while others hold on to every scrap of paper they might need over the next 5-50 years. Unfortunately, I’m the latter. I’m not quite “Hoarders” material, but sometimes I look around at all the junk I’ve been holding onto and think “WHY??” Logically I know it’s unnecessary crap. But there’s a tiny part of my brain that thinks “this little plastic box your Venus razor head came in would make an excellent container for odds and ends!” or “what if I need to have my German phone number from 4 years ago for records of some kind??” Really? REALLY??

I’ve been slowly feeling the need to purge creep up (mostly because the piles of crap are starting to have babies all over my house) but I keep putting it off. Why? Well duh. It’s snowing outside right now! It’s still winter. Spring isn’t here, therefore I can’t do spring cleaning. That’s just logic.

… or laziness. So starting this weekend (not procrastinating, really! I’m just thinking my husband, who has contributed vastly to the copulating paper skyscrapers should help out) I will be busting out the huge black trash bags and getting rid of anything and everything I can before my neighbors glance in my window and turn me in to a self-help television show. It’s time.

So if you’re like me and putting off the inevitable, join me. It’s time. The kids will be out of school soon and you don’t want their messes mixing with your messes and producing mutant mess babies. Your home might never recover. If it seems overwhelming, set a timer for 10 minutes. That’s all I’m asking, just 10 short minutes of your 525,600 minutes this year to make yourself a nice spot on your kitchen counter (or wherever you pile your mail, bills, kids schoolwork, receipts, etc) so that you can breathe a little easier this spring. After all, you’ll probably be using that breath to sing RENT songs now that I have it stuck in your head. “Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes! How do you measure, measure a year…?”

Craft time

This Valentine’s Day my daughter and I decided we wanted to make valentines for her preschool class rather than buy them. I busted out my 500 lbs of scrapbooking paper, some glue and a few googly eyes and this is what we came up with:

6 fish
close up

The prep work (AKA, “mommy work”) was kind of a pain- I had to cut out 36 large hearts and 18 small ones by hand- but the actual crafting (AKA, “kid work”) was easy and my preschooler had a blast. You start by cutting out your hearts (you’ll need two large and one small for each fish). I used two heart-shaped cookie cutters as templates. Then you glue the two large hearts tops together to form the fish body. You want it to form a sort of eye shape. Then you glue the small heart on, point in, to form the tail. Draw a smiley face and paste on a googly eye and voila! A fish! I think these would also be really cute invitations for an Under the Sea themed birthday or even a pool party.

Feeling crafty but already have your omega 3s for the day? Check out my friend Kim’s blog,