Craft time

This Valentine’s Day my daughter and I decided we wanted to make valentines for her preschool class rather than buy them. I busted out my 500 lbs of scrapbooking paper, some glue and a few googly eyes and this is what we came up with:

6 fish
close up

The prep work (AKA, “mommy work”) was kind of a pain- I had to cut out 36 large hearts and 18 small ones by hand- but the actual crafting (AKA, “kid work”) was easy and my preschooler had a blast. You start by cutting out your hearts (you’ll need two large and one small for each fish). I used two heart-shaped cookie cutters as templates. Then you glue the two large hearts tops together to form the fish body. You want it to form a sort of eye shape. Then you glue the small heart on, point in, to form the tail. Draw a smiley face and paste on a googly eye and voila! A fish! I think these would also be really cute invitations for an Under the Sea themed birthday or even a pool party.

Feeling crafty but already have your omega 3s for the day? Check out my friend Kim’s blog,


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