Apple donuts

It always amazes me when something so simple, like cutting food into shapes, can get my kids to eat food without fussing. Not that my kids don’t like apples, but ever since my husband came up with “apple donuts,” the fruit has been requested daily. It’s really easy and I’m wondering if I can apply it to other fruits and vegetables as well. I think it would work on pears and watermelon and, if you baked them, perhaps sweet potatoes. All you do is run your apple through a mandoline (or thinly slice one up by hand) so you have a stack of slices. I improved on the recipe a tad by using a miniature cookie cutter in the shape of an apple, but my husband used a bottle cap to make his holes. Voila! Apple donuts. I think the key here is to actually call them “apple donuts.” My kids have never actually had a donut, but they know donuts are a treat so the whole idea was a novelty. The kids can even help punch out the donut holes.

A miniature cookie cutter gets out all the seeds while making fun shapes. The pieces that don’t have seeds are fun to eat too!a miniature cookie cutter can make fun shapes

The finished product! A stack of delicious apple donuts. If you’re really adventageous (or if your kids are really picky!), peel the apples prior to slicing.
the finished product


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