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Craft time

This Valentine’s Day my daughter and I decided we wanted to make valentines for her preschool class rather than buy them. I busted out my 500 lbs of scrapbooking paper, some glue and a few googly eyes and this is what we came up with:

6 fish
close up

The prep work (AKA, “mommy work”) was kind of a pain- I had to cut out 36 large hearts and 18 small ones by hand- but the actual crafting (AKA, “kid work”) was easy and my preschooler had a blast. You start by cutting out your hearts (you’ll need two large and one small for each fish). I used two heart-shaped cookie cutters as templates. Then you glue the two large hearts tops together to form the fish body. You want it to form a sort of eye shape. Then you glue the small heart on, point in, to form the tail. Draw a smiley face and paste on a googly eye and voila! A fish! I think these would also be really cute invitations for an Under the Sea themed birthday or even a pool party.

Feeling crafty but already have your omega 3s for the day? Check out my friend Kim’s blog,


My newest obsession

I’ve always had a thing for ribbon. I must have caught the fever from my mom- she still has ribbon we used at my wedding over 6 years ago. Recently I was going through a box of sewing paraphernalia and came across 6 or 7 rolls of gorgeous ribbon I had purchased (and never used) about 2 years ago. I immediately got on the computer and googled “ribbon crafts” and was struck by the gorgeous girls’ hairbows that I saw. I don’t know why it never occured to me before; we had just moved from Alabama, where you can see little girls with ginormous ribbon bows on a daily basis. My Princess has super long blonde hair that tends to curl into little ringlets at the end. It’s so pretty and she gets a lot of compliments, but I think she’d get more if she let me actually brush it or pull it out of her face every once in a while. I figured a gorgeous bow might be the perfect bribe: “if you let me brush your hair, you can wear this pretty princess bow!” It totally worked. I’m a genius.

So I got to work and quickly realized that this would be my new obsession. It’s fun, fairly easy and you need to have a little creativity to do it, which I like. I can only make 2 or 3 in one sitting before my fingers start to cramp up, but that’s usually all the time I have anyway. It’s the perfect craft for me! So without further ado, pictures!

Fourth of July bow (she also wore this on Flag Day/the Army’s birthday last week)
Fourth of July bow

Fishing bow, for trips to the lake with Daddy
Fishing bow

Blue and yellow bow
Blue and yellow bow

Pink and green bow (which perfectly matches the ButterflyBabyPlace dress the Princess picked out)
Pink and green bow

Orange stripes and polka dots (orange is the Princess’s favorite color)
Orange stripes and polka dots

Blue and green loopy bow
Loopy bow

Dainty lavender and antique white bow
Dainty lavender and antique white bow

Funky green and brown mini bow
Funky green and brown mini bow

Crazy bow (this has so many layers! It took a while to figure out, but it was fun!)
Crazy bow

I’m going to have to come up with a better way to store these. Keeping them in a box squishes all the little loops down. Not to mention I’m totally running out of room to store these things. Maybe I’ll sell them?? They’ll be hard to give up!