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Split Pea Soup, Grandmas and the Gulf War

When I was about 7 years old my great grandma took me on a road trip to visit my cousins in Arizona. Right before we left Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait and president George H.W. Bush sent American troops into battle. My mom panicked and was hesitant about sending her only daughter away in a time of uncertainty. Being 7 and not knowing too much of geography, I assumed that “the Gulf” was the Gulf of Mexico and that my mom had plenty reason to worry, as Arizona was closer to the Gulf than California. Knowing that the trip would be fun and (knowing my grandma, a teacher and firm believer in “life as learning”) educational, she let me go and away we went on the long drive to see family and learn about native culture.

We had a great time in Arizona (despite a minor fall into a cactus patch) and we were soon on our way home again. If you drove straight through you could do the trip in one day, but my grandma, a stubborn woman who knew what she wanted and usually got it, wanted to stop at the famous Pea Soup Andersen’s in Buellton just north of Santa Barbara. She told me before we got there that we would have to find a hotel because if we stopped to eat we would be on the road too late. To me, a mommy’s girl who just wanted to be home safe after a week away next to a “war zone,” this was not acceptable. Not to mention pea soup sounded disgusting. So as we drove by what my grandma thought was the exit she asked “do you see it? Do you see any signs?” I looked, and lo and behold there it was- Pea Soup Andersen’s. “Nope,” I said. “Must be the next exit.”

Needless to say, we didn’t stop that night and drove straight home, where I hugged my mom and told her of my desert adventure. I didn’t really think too much about that little white lie until after my grandma died when I was 14. I felt guilty that I hadn’t just let her have her dang soup.

Now I sit here, typing this story about my grandma and I can smell the split pea soup I have cooking in the crock pot wafting into the room and I feel that pang of guilt once again. As it turns out, split pea soup is pretty damn good. So here’s my easy recipe for split pea crock pot soup, in memory of my grandma, Lucille. She was a great woman. I’m sorry I lied, grandma.

Split Pea Soup

2 bags of dried split peas
2 cups (or more!) of ham, cubed
1 onion, chopped
1+ cup of carrots, chopped
1 box of chicken broth
1-2 cups of water
1-2 tablespoons of parsley flakes
salt and pepper to taste

Throw it in a crock pot, making sure the ingredients are covered with liquid (you can always add more later if it’s looking a little dry). Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.

Busy, busy, busy

It’s been pretty insane around the Perfect Household lately. The Perfect Husband is in the military and got to go play GI Joe in the snow for two weeks. This gave me a perfect opportunity to get the house completely spotless. It’s funny- he swears up and down that any messes must be because I didn’t do something, but the house managed to stay clean the entire 14 days he was gone and was back to being “lived in” within hours of him being home and hasn’t been the same since. As much as I dislike our separations, I do enjoy my home being so nice and tidy.

Monkey Boy, our crazy 2 year old, jumped off the couch and broke his foot. A few hours at the hospital and a teeny tiny cast later, he was hobbling around like a pro. This did provide a few extra challenges, however. It was still snowy and cold, but try as I might I could not get a boot on over that cast. Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows that keeping children indoors all winter is not an option. I found that pulling a large fleece sock over it and wrapping the cast in plastic then tucking it into his snow pants worked well, although he ended up tripping and falling into a snow drift bigger than himself. Luckily the cast was a short stay and our Monkey Boy is back to 100%. He did not learn his lesson, however, and is back to jumping on the couch every chance he gets.

After months of discussions, my GI Joe and I finally decided to try for Perfect Child #3- only to get a positive pregnancy test two days later. Good timing. But now I’ll be juggling my two energetic toddlers, keeping up with life AND being the size of a small orca whale. Not to mention the logistics- we have a three bedroom house and the kids’ bedrooms really aren’t big enough for two beds. One of them will be sharing a room, but how? And we just sold our car, a little wagon with third row seating, for a new truck. Granted, it has a full size cab, but three carseats in the back? Not sure how this will work. I have some major purging to do before this baby comes or we’ll be drowned in toys and laundry. LAUNDRY! I really have to sit down and figure out a new system. Right now we have two baskets (one for the princess, one for the monkey boy) sitting in front of the closet doors that house the washer and dryer. It’s worked for a year, but will definitely NOT work with an extra basket for New Baby. What to do…?

On a sad note, our friend Erin lost her mother Wednesday to her battle with ovarian cancer. It’s been a long, sad journey but we’re glad that she’s no longer suffering. Spare a thought for her and the family. She’ll be back to write for us soon, offering her thoughts on coping with loss and losing a loved one.

The kids are making dinner tonight!

Here’s a fun and easy recipe that even the younger kids can help with. The Perfect Children (ages 2 and 3) helped me make these tasty treats for a special lunch the other day and we had a blast!

What you’ll need:
1 can of biscuits
1 can of tomato paste or sauce (or you can use slices of tomato)
shredded cheese
mini pepperoni

any veggies you think your kids will actually eat

layer the ingredients on any way you like and then pop them in the oven for the amount of time specified on the biscuit container. These kid-sized pizzas are super yummy and good for mommies who want to keep track of portion sizes.

My 3 year old took this lovely picture before I put them in the oven:
mini pizzas

Proud to Announce…

The Perfect Housewife would like to introduce our newest contributor, Erin! She’s a stay at home wife and mother of two young boys living in the beautiful state of Colorado. She’s pretty much all-around awesome, so I know you’ll all just love her. She’s currently helping to take care of her mother who is losing the battle to ovarian cancer. Please check back in for her blogs about stress and coping with loss and how it affects marriage, parenthood, having more kids, etc – I’m sure she has some great insights that will help us all- as well as anything else that tickles her fancy!

A simple way to look put together

One word: earrings. Find yourself a nice pair of simple diamond or pearl earrings (fake is okay, as long as they LOOK real 😉 ) and put them in. Don’t bother taking them out at night, as long as they don’t bother you. This way you won’t forget to put them in in the morning. I recently put in a pair of simple three-stone lever-back earrings that my husband bought me a few years ago and realized that all of a sudden my make-up looked better, my hair looked nicer and my outfit seemed to come together. I’ve left them in a few weeks now and they honestly make me feel just a smidge prettier than I normally do, which is nice. The best part? I don’t even have to think about them.

Check out these sparklers at Only $14.99!

Or if you only like the real thing, here’s the Perfect Housewife’s choice!

When running errands becomes your full time job

In the past week I’ve had five doctors appointments. Count ’em- FIVE. On top of these appointments I had to take my daughter to school, go grocery shopping, get gas (I haven’t been that close to empty in a while!) and make sure I had the kids to daycare in time to make it to the hospital. I feel like I haven’t been at home all week! As a result, my house has suffered. I’m about 3 loads behind in laundry, my sink is full of dishes waiting to be transferred to the dishwasher and my kids’ puzzle pieces seem to have exploded across the entire house. I’m exhausted from running all over town, but the sight of my house makes me want to walk right back out the door.

The easiest solution for me is to start a load of laundry. I generally don’t mind doing laundry. It’s the folding I detest! But the wonderful thing about laundry is that you can throw a load in and walk away.

Next we’ll go to the front door. Step outside, close the door and just enjoy some fresh air for a moment. Now open the door. What’s the first thing you see when you walk into your house? Clean it.

Now go to the room you spend the most time in. If it’s the living room, vacuum. This is doubly good- you have to pick up before you can vacuum the floor. If it’s the office, clean off your desk. If it’s the kitchen, clean your largest counter and/or your sink (this includes dishes, woman!).

Chances are by this time you’re ready to stop. That’s okay. At least you got some major stuff done! The most important places in your home to clean (for aesthetic reasons) are the room that you see when you first enter the house and the room you spend the most time in. That way you’re always company ready and you don’t feel overwhelmed in your own house. These are two things that will lower your stress and make you more likely to keep cleaning and not feel hopeless and give up!